Friday, July 8, 2011

Tonight I almost cried in front of my coach.  I could totally hear Tom hanks saying, "Are you CRYING!?  There's no crying in swimming!"  But tonight there would have been.  Luckily I held it together!  WHEW!

Why cry? you ask....  Well, I am having trouble pushing myself to the limit.  I can't seem to break that barrier to force my body to do something I know it CAN do!  I know my form is off, I know my stroke looks sloppy, and to top it all off, I AM SLOW!  I know that I shouldn't let this bother me, but I want to do swim meets so badly!  I want to RACE!  I would get my butt handed to me in a race today. 

So I was making such great progress, then the past week and a half my body has just REFUSED to cooperate!  Well, I finally figured out the problem tonight!  I'll put it this way:  I've come to the end of my sentence!  "Nough said!

So, then I also have pulled my groin muscle.  I'm not normally a baby about these things.  I'm actually very good at sucking it up, but I WANTED to die after practice!  I mean I was in such horrible pain!  Couldn't walk, barely was able to get in the truck!  It was NOT pretty!  After icing it up tonight, I'm FINALLY hitting the hay!  And not a moment too soon!  It's already tomorrow! 

Here's to a weekend of rest and hoping to heal so I can kill it again!  Monday is going to be good if my leg will cooperate!

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