Monday, July 25, 2011

She's no Rebecca Soni!

Why oh why did I have my coach video me swimming for that sweet man I married?  It completely CRUSHED all the images in my head of what I looked like swimming!  First of all, isn't the water suppose to make us SKINNY!?  HELLO!  We are suppose to disappear under water!  Who forgot to inform my camera of this news????

Second, I KNEW I was slow!  But seriously!!!!!  I'm bringing the inhaler Wednesday and going ALL OUT!  I mean, I am barely moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Please excuse the excessive use of punctuation, but I want you to "hear" my tone.)  I gotta work on that!  How is one to COMPETE, when one is BARELY moving!?  No wonder I am always sucking Mo's bubbles!

OK, so form.  Lastly, my form is not anything like what I imagine in my head.  I now understand what the Swim Nazi, I mean Denise (she can read this now!  hahahaha) meant when she told me I was too cautious with my stroke.  Why the heck are there no splashes???????????????  I am going to get this swimming thing done!  You guys just sit back and watch! 

Until then....lots of practice...I gotta work on my speed and splashes!

On another note, can I get a WOOP WOOP for 14th FINA World Championships????  JEAH!

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