Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 Workouts

OK, so I didn't blog last night, but I have a good reason.  I really, kinda, had nothing to say!  I mean, I figure you would rather read something different than me telling you how hard swimming is or how tough I worked out...AGAIN.  So, today I have 2 workouts to blog.

First, I did my first OFFICIAL P90X workout.  KenpoX.  IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!  It was like taking all the anger I was feeling, and all the aggression about everyday frustrations and kicking their butt!  YESSSSS!!!!  My legs already feel as if they are filled with concrete, but that is beside the point!  I think that this may be my new stress go to work out!

Last night, I was late to swim so I had a tiny BLAH workout.  Hence the reason I have nothing to tell you about!  It was a neat night, though.  Denise (AKA Swim Nazi) got in and worked out with us!  Now I hate her even more because she has a bangin' body, she sweet as anything, AND she swims more graceful than a ballerina!  UGH!  (If you are keeping up, I love her to death, but want to hate her so badly!)

I enjoyed the workout I did.  I wish I could have finished it.  DARN THE TIME CONSTRAINTS!  I was able to complete all but 300 yards of the workout, which means I did 2100 yards.  "Wow!  that's still great, Terri," you say.  However, I have become accustomed to doing a hard 2500-3000 in one evening.  I was extremely disappointed.  AND today I didn't feel sore at all.  Time to step things up a notch!

Two great days of workouts, great ATTEMPTS at sticking to my diet (I do well until about 4:00, and then I want SUGAR!!!!!), and my attitude and heart are STILL in it.  Looking at a great week and hoping for some number droppage!  WOOP!

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