Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All I do is win....

OK, well relatively speaking anyway!  When I don't give up, I win!  When I give it my all, I win!  When it hurts, and I keep going, I win!  When I really don't want to, but I do it anyway....I WIN! 

Today I was DETERMINED to not get in my own way!  I ate much better.  I drank more water.  I got some housework accomplished.  And I had a killer swim practice.  I say killer because I thought it really would kill me! 

We did 2200 yds tonight.  Pyramids!  I thought I would love this, except that I am frequently reminded of how over weight and out of shape I am!  I am so much slower than my other team mates!  I'm like that fat kid, whose mom signed them up just so they could get them to do SOMETHING active! 

I have pretty much gotten over the fact that I am no swimsuit model, and will probably never be.  I have gotten over the fact that I am pretty much the oldest person who practices at the time we do.  I have also pretty much gotten over the walk of shame.  I mean, I do it so often now, I just ignore the people on deck! 

The one thing I can NOT get over is that I am so stinkin' slow!  I mean, anyone who knows me knows that I am VERY competitive!  I DO NOT lose.  It's not that I don't like to lose.  I DON'T lose!  Board games, card games, etc.  I don't accept defeat graciously!  (Just ask my poor hubby!)  I hate that I am always the slowest one out there!  I sometimes push myself too hard and forget to pace myself, because I don't like losing!  Though, we really aren't racing!

So tonight, I am singing my song...."All I do is win win win, no matter what!"  If I don't give up and keep going when it's tough, then I really am a winner.  At least in the self satisfying way, anyway.  Besides, I DON'T lose!

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