Monday, July 18, 2011

Say WHAT!?

Today I have good news and better news!  Ok, well it may not actually be good news to you, but it is for me!  So, I was the only one at Masters tonight.  (Side note: I find it interesting that adults pay for this program and don't show up to fulfill their commitments!  Isn't keep your promises what we preach to our kids?  Just sayin')

OK, so I am the only one there tonight, and I have coach Nazi to myself.  This is kind of a good thing since she was able to sit and really look at my stroke and help me with some technical things I know I am failing at.  I mean something I REALLY need to work on is my walls.  My turns are sloppy and slow, and I am breathing as I come off the wall.  In my defense, after a 16 year hiatus from the sport, I think I am doing pretty dang good!  I know my times can be shaved pretty tight if I can get my walls together though.

Also, I did a stroke I have not done in 16 years, butterfly.  I GOT A COMPLIMENT!!!!!!  I, Terri 31 year old Melvin, got a compliment from the BUTTERFLY!  For those not into swimming, fly is NOT an easy stroke.  It takes grace, coordination, strength,'s a tough tough stroke to master!  And my coach said (drum roll) "Your fly looks GREAT!"  OK, maybe this is not the greatest of all compliments to some of you, but if you know swimming, you know this is an honor!  Maybe it's just me since my very first meet at age 4 I swam the 25 yard fly....AND WON! 

So the good news maybe wasn't so much news but tiny compliments through the practice.  "Your strokes are great!  But you are just too careful with your free.  Your turn around is slow and you don't splash at all."  You might have missed the compliment there so let me back it up for you, "Your strokes are great!"  (Even said with enthusiasm!)  Granted my backstroke I tried to kill myself tonight!  But to know that my breaststroke and Butterfly actually look good after 16 years out of the pool...AWESOMENESS to the CORE!

We did a small set tonight, only 1900 yards, but it was a tough one!  600 warm up (300 swim, 200 pull, 100 kick)  12 x 50's (kick, drill, swim) fly, back, breast, free.  4 x 150 free negative builds with 30 seconds rest. (Final 150 is full on sprint)  200 cool down.  (Maybe it was a 2000yd workout)  The 3rd 150 I was sicking air!  And there Coach Nazi was cheering me on and telling me I could do it!  This is why i can't possibly actually hate this woman!  She is good people!

I feel tonight, like I have accomplished a lot since starting masters!  1. I no longer wear a swim dress, but a real speedo suit!  2. I am doing things I never dreamed I would actually attempt again (swimming fly!)  3. I FEEL better!  (I'm tired and sore, but in the best possible way)  4. I love this sport and everything about it, and now I am a participant, not just a spectator.  I have my sights set on a meet in Auburn in February!  Here's to reaching those goals!!!!


  1. Can I get a woot woot?! This is great, Terri! You know what would help ease those aches and pains (and strengthen your breathing? Yoga! :)Seriously, I'm so happy for you!

  2. I have JUST started doing a little bit of Yoga. I figured it would probably be good for an active recovery day....I like it so far!