Tuesday, April 30, 2013

“Therefore, I urge you, Brothers, in view of God’s mercy, present yourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship.” Romans 12:1

I have struggled to make good food choices since I became pregnant with ML.  What is worse is that I became very sedentary in my lifestyle, due to some pregnancy complications.  Since my sweet little princess has gotten here, it is a never ending battle of eat this, not this!  Get up and work out!  I know you’re tired, but you’re also fat!
I swore I would never wear this one shirt EVER again, once I lost weight while SR was on deployment.  Alas, as I got ready for church Sunday, I had no choice but to put the offending shirt on….and I sobbed!  Weight loss is simply mind over matter.  You HAVE to make up your mind and just do it!  For me weight loss takes on many different meanings:
1.       A healthier lifestyle
2.       More energy
3.       Better mental clarity and awareness
4.       When I feel good, I feel good ABOUT myself!
5.       Depression becomes an annoyance and not a battle
6.       I will LOOK better
The list could go on and on and on.  I set a good example for my kids.  I will be around to see my grandkids!  There are literally HUNDREDS of reasons why someone of my stature SHOULD lose weight.  I KNOW why I should, but knowing and WANTING it are 2 totally different things.  This past weekend, I saw myself in the mirror, and I WANTED it!  Last week as I was so tired and lethargic I couldn’t get anything done, I WANTED it. 
When you WANT to lose weight, healthy choices are easy.  When you WANT to become a healthier person, it’s enjoyable to drink lemon water instead of soda; green tea instead of coffee.  When you WANT to lose weight and become a healthier, better you it is EASY to get the exercises in.  The most important word here is WANT!  You must WANT it. 
The good thing for me is that it hasn’t been so long that I’ve forgotten how good it feels to white water raft, swim 3 miles, and climb stairs without being winded!  I haven’t forgotten putting on those jeans and liking the progress, seeing the fat melt from my face, neck, arms, etc.  I WANT that back!
Mostly, scripture tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and boy am I ashamed of what I have done with God’s temple!!!!  I want to serve and honor God with my body.  Not just in the way I conduct myself, but in how I treat it.  I want to fuel my body in such a way that serving is not tiring, but invigorating!
I’m giving myself a 30 day challenge!!!!  Today I made myself do 50 squats and an hour of walking.  I was SUPPOSE to do burpees, but in my defense, I HATE THEM!  I could not make my mind defeat the lack of excitement I felt.  However, tomorrow is a new day, and with it a new challenge.  Tomorrow I will meet my goals no matter what! 
Stayed tuned as I track my journey to a better, fitter me.  I am challenging myself to learn more about the Lord and draw upon His strength as I reach my ultimate goal…. 115 lbs!  “What’s impossible with men is possible with God.”  -Luke 18:27. This is slightly out of context, but my point is that ALL things are possible with God.  And believe me, without God, this is an impossible task for me!  Let’s see how God changes me inside and out!