Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK, so I have come to realize that making time to exercise with an 8 week old baby and a 7 year old child….nearly impossible!  I have no idea how moms do this!  I can barely keep the house clean!  Plus, no one tells you that you get so hungry you could eat an entire side of beef when you are nursing!  I mean I seriously have never been this hungry in my entire life!  NOW I remember how I gained 100 lbs after Alex was born. 
So the answer to my problem is quality instead of quantity….which is a problem when I am craving sweets!  I think I could drink a large chocolate shake from Jack’s every day.  When I thought it over, I realized that I craved things like yogurt, chocolate milk, and ice cream when I nursed Alex.  So my thought is that my body must be craving calcium and vitamin D. So, fat free yogurt with granola for breakfast, 1% milk, and calcium supplements to help get the thing my body needs.  AND an occasional chocolate shake ;)
I, also found that I can drink a fruity protein shake in the morning with a cup of coffee when I don’t feel like yogurt.  If I add 1 cup of 1% milk, I can get 33 grams of protein for less than 500 calories.  That is a good way to get nutrients from fruits, get some calcium and vitamins in a quick, easy way.  I can cook chicken breasts or lean meat one day a week, store them in the fridge and eat with a salad or some veggie and have a good, high protein lunch pretty easily. 
Having my food situation under control will help immensely!  The problem is that I WANT to exercise so badly!  How can I get my body back in lean shape and lose weight if I can’t find time to exercise???  I want to have a clean, organized house.  I want to spend time with my son and daughter and enjoy them now.  I want to exercise and get healthier.  Now how do I make ALL of these things happen???????  THIS is my current quandary.  Stay tuned to see if I can find a reasonable resolution!