Sunday, October 21, 2012

OK, so I know it has been a while…about 9 months I suppose.  I had every intention of blogging through the pregnancy, but it just didn’t work out.  There were many bumps along the pregnancy road, but we arrived to the end, successfully, with a beautiful daughter.  (The first girl on my husband’s side in 53 years.  The first on mine in 11.)
So I, to my own dislike, gained about 40 lbs in the end.  (I have already gotten 16 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!)  This was so frustrating for me.  The feeling of being pregnant was so much like being overweight.  I had just shed that part of me.  It was hard to put it back on without having resentment, regardless of the reward in the end.  I know that sounds very selfish, but it is honest, and you guys read for my candor.
So, once I got past the trauma of a repeat c-section, (Which really WAS as much of a breeze as everyone said, fyi!)  And I actually got to SEE and HOLD my bouncing baby girl; it did indeed feel worth it…for a while.  Then, once I drug my pre-pregnancy/post weight loss clothes out of storage and half of them did not fit as well as they had, I knew I had to get back on the bandwagon and lose the weight.  The only problem is that, though not nearly as severe as with my first child, I was/am struggling with a bit of post-partum depression.  

There is NOTHING worse than when you are nursing a baby, carting around a 7 year old, and really all you want to do is sit in bed and cry.  I do make myself shower, most days. (DON’T JUDGE ME!) 90% of the time I actually do get my teeth brushed before noon.  I make myself leave the house.  Though it helps that I have to leave at least 2 times a day to drop off and pick up Alex from school, making it necessary to get out. 
But I regress!  I have set new goals.  I simply have to make the necessary changes for me to meet these goals.  I must set aside my Hershey bars and stop drinking so much Sprite.  Don’t give me that drink diet crap.  I HATE diet drinks!  I have to drink more water and add in my fruits and veggies.  Also, and most importantly, I will have to MAKE TIME for exercise.  THIS is where my biggest challenge lies.
I don’t know how many of my 2 readers actually breastfed when they had their kids, but I assure you, I am all but glued to this kid nearly 24 hours a day!  I promise you I have turned into a dairy cow!  Though I love the bond and the health benefits, it never stops tempting me to just go buy a can of formula and give in to my need for convenience!  Straight up stubbornness and lack of cash are what drives me to continue.  OH!  And the benefits to my daughter of course…ahem….
So, stay tuned as I strive to reach my goal to complete a triathlon, and in the future a marathon!  First, I will work back up to a 5k.  I fear there wasn’t much exercise during my pregnancy due to several complications and a few set limitations.  So I might actually have fallen several steps back.  I will, however, build back up and be even better than before.  Besides, I’m starting ahead of my previous game, right?