Friday, February 3, 2012


So a couple of weeks ago I fell asleep in the car line, I couldn't eat the dinner I warmed up, and then went to bed an hour earlier than usual.  In turn my husband, not so subtly, placed a pregnancy test on the back of the toilet.  The next morning I humored him and took the test.  Not even 30 seconds passed before that second line came out clear as day.  I am pregnant!  WOW!

My FIRST thought was: This explains SO MUCH!  My second thought, as horrid as it sounds, was: But what about my weight loss journey?!  I'm well aware of how terribly selfish that sounds, and I really do feel awful for even thinking it.  However, the whole point of this blog is to get my thoughts out there in an honest way.  So there it is.  Also, I think that anyone who has ever gone through a journey like mine, you are nodding your head.

So, for the first week and a half I was a little pouty, and not so much excited about the news.  Honestly, it wasn't even just the entire weight issue.  It had a LOT to do with it being so unexpected, though I don't really know why I didn't expect it.  Just saying!  It had to do with money, space, time, are we ready?  You get the idea. Then at the beginning of the week, I had some issues.  Welcome reality!  I have a living person in my body!  I saw the heart beat and fell in love.  Now I'm excited to nurture and grow this little person so i can meet them some day soon!

So my first trip to the doctor she tells me that I can keep up the same activity level, and do all the things I have been doing, just listen to my body.  This was so exciting!  My doctor told me I could continue to lose weight as long as I was eating enough calories for the baby to continue to grow!  JACKPOT!!!!!!  What she forgot to mention is that after 50 yards of swimming, I would be so winded I thought I gained 45 lbs already!  She didn't tell me taking a shower would take all the energy I had.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY!!!!????

I know what you are thinking.  "Terri, you already have a child.  You should know this."  You are correct, but how we forget after almost 7 years!  I forgot that you can't go 45 minutes without having to PEE, and that it is trial and error until you figure out what you can actually eat....which isn't much, apparently.  I forgot that walking 2 laps in the first trimester is like jogging 3 on a good day.  UGH!  So, frustrating! 

So, after I get an all clear from my doctor next week, I am hoping to at least get into an easy swim workout.  Maybe a good walk or even a couple of sit ups.  My goal is to survive the 1st trimester so I can get back into a good routine again.  Wish me luck!  This should be an interesting twist on my blog!